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The Pet Emergency Education training and orientation program is a comprehensive online course that teaches qualified individuals to become certified animal emergency instructors. This course is approximately 10 hours long and is asynchronous which means that there are no live components. Trainees can log in and out as much as they wish however they must complete the program in 30 days.

You may request one 7 day extension if you are unable to complete the program in 30 days. Email your request for an extension including the reason for needing the extension to

This program is made up of videos, tutorials, assigned readings, PowerPoint presentations and a final exam. This course is asynchronous, which means that it can be viewed at the participant’s own pace and you can log in and out of the program as much as you want. However, you must complete this course within 30 days. Once you complete the course you will have 7 days from that date to print off your certificate. After 7 days your access to the training program will expire.

You will also be required to review all of the material for the PetCPR+ Certification course that you will be teaching in great detail including all lesson plans, the E-Book reference guide, and the class PowerPoint. Every item in this program is vitally important for you to review and will be covered within all of the assessments. The cumulative final exam will be taken at the end of the course and covers all material presented within the training program. Participants must pass the final exam with an 90% in order to successfully pass the program and receive their certification as an instructor.

There are multiple attempts allowed for each quiz and for the final. Anyone who does not pass the course will be removed from the program and may reapply to our instructors program after 90 days. We do not guarantee re-enrollment. Modules must be completed in order, therefore you will not be able to access a module until you successfully complete the previous module. You must also pass all modules before you will be given access to the final exam.

Any participant that needs an extension to complete this orientation must email the instructor training manager prior to the end date of this orientation program and request an extension. Extensions are not guaranteed and are only awarded in situations of extenuating circumstances.

Please be aware that only certified instructors that are actively teaching for our company can use any of our materials including PowerPoint, curriculum, name, logo, likeness, etc. Anyone that does not complete the training and is found teaching or utilizing the material they access in this training will be subject to legal action.

Pet Emergency Education also offers four additional specialty classes

EquiAid Emergency First Aid for Horses

K9WildAid+ Wilderness First Aid for Dogs

PetCPR+ Advanced CPR and Emergency Care for Veterinary Professionals

PetCPR+ for Grooming Professionals

In order to teach any of these additional classes you must first complete this training program and then access the additional PowerPoints and e-books in the instructor portal. You will gain membership to the portal after you graduate from this training. You must meet the necessary qualifications and have experience in the subject matter to teach any of these classes. Help for current page